ADAMS: Debutante, 1914 BEARDEN: Jazz Village, 1967 BISTTRAM: Untitled Abstraction, 1940 BRIDGMAN: Brittany Sunset, 1873
BUBERL: Newspaper Boy, 1888 CASILEAR: Long Island Scene, 1880 DEWEY: The Return of the Hayboats, 1891 EATON: Maine Pines, c. 1900
EATON: Quiet Shore, 1885 FRIESEKE: Still Life of Flowers in a Painted Pitcher, GRAVES: Roses on a Table, GWATHMEY: Girl with Guitar, 1965
HARRISON: Silence, 1890 HARTLEY: Still Life, Pomegranates, 1927 HEADE: Red Roses in a Crystal Goblet, c. 1883-1900 INNESS: From the Shawangunk Mountains, 1885
JOHNSON: Scenery on the Winooski, Vt., 1876 LIE: Coastline, MacDONALD-WRIGHT: Still Life with Fruit and Nuts, circa 1940-45 MacMONNIES: Young Faun with Heron, 1890
PENFOLD: Waiting for Him, 1880 PRENTICE: Still Life - Apples in a Basket, c. 1890 ROESEN: Fruit Composition with Tazza of Strawberries, c. 1860 RYDER: Mountian Birches, 1915
RYDER: Road to Francistown, 1910 STELLA: Pink and Green Waterlily, c. 1920-25 SUYDAM: Wappinger's Creek, 1866 VONNOH: Water Lilies Fountain, 1913