ARCHIPENKO: Floating Torso with Head, 1935 BERNINGHAUS: The Pursuit of Geronimo by the Cavalry, 1900 BIERSTADT: Salem, 1863 BROWN: Playing in the Sand at South Hampton Beach, 1879-1880
BROWN: Red Raspberries on a Forest Floor, 1866 BUSH: Man on the Tropical River, 1878 CASILEAR: Conway Meadows, 1881 DUNCANSON: Woodland Stream, An Idyll By the Bridge,
FRIESEKE: Artist's Daughter Sewing, GIFFORD: Off Cuttyhunk, Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts, 1872 GLACKENS: Flowers in a Spotted Jug, HEADE: Blue Crested Hummingbird, 1864
HEADE: Two Plovercrest Hummingbirds, 1864 HILL: Mounts Washington and Madison, 1857 HIRSCHBERG: Fresh Air Mission, LANE: New Bedford Harbor,
LAWSON: Hillside, LEVER: The Red Barn, LUCIONI: Flowers, MORAN: Grand Canyon, 1921
MORAN: The Loadstone Mountain from Arabian Nights, 1899 PALMER: Twilight Over Stage Rocks and Western Shore of Gloucester Outer Harbor, Massachusetts, 1864 REAM: Still Life with Pearl Handled Knife, RICHARDS: At Newport,
RYDER: A Golden Day, 1910 RYDER: Old Lyme, Connecticut, SONNTAG: An Old Farm House, Pennsylvania, SONNTAG: October in New Hampshire, Near the Foot of Mt. Washington, 1863
SUYDAM: The Hudson River, Looking North from Below Inoodna Creek, 1872 SYMONS: Coastal Seascape, 1913 THAYER: Portrait of the Artists Nephew Harry Whiting, WARHOL: 1978 BMW 320i Art Car Floral Design Painting, 1978
WARHOL: 1978 BMW 320i Art Car Maquette, 1978 WEBBER: Boulder Crossing, 1855